Rules for posting ads

  • On, all advertisements are moderated.
  • Please see the posting guidelines below.


  • Use words that buyers might search for (manufacturer, model, etc.).
  • Each ad must describe one product (if you are selling multiple products, create a different ad for each one).
  • Add a description of the product/service offered containing as much detailed information as possible.
  • The description should not contain contacts or links to other resources or social networks.


  • Indicate the real price, and not a conditional one like “1 tenge”, “5 tenge”, etc. Conditional prices will be changed to negotiated prices.
  • Please indicate the price in the appropriate field when publishing your ad. Don't put the price in the title.
  • To choose the optimal price, look through other advertisements in the same category.


  • Ads with high-quality photos receive 3-5 times more responses than those without photos.
  • Upload only real photos of the product. Don't use photos from the Internet. Photos with phone numbers, addresses or links to social networks will be deleted.
  • Take photos in good lighting.


  • Contact information must be entered only in the appropriate fields.
  • Do not include contact information in the title, photos, or description.

Duplicate advertisements

  • Do not post duplicate advertisements - all duplicates will be deleted.
  • A duplicate is an ad that duplicates or repeats the meaning of an existing ad from the same user.
  • Identical advertisements published from different accounts are considered duplicates and are subject to deactivation.
  • A duplicate is an ad that has been artificially edited (edited without significant changes) in order to raise the ad in the general list of the category. Ads that have been detected in such manipulations will be deactivated without the right to restore
  • Job advertisements:
    • be sure to indicate the name of the company on behalf of which the work is offered
    • be sure to indicate the name of the vacancy that is offered in this advertisement
    • describe in as much detail as possible the responsibilities and requirements for the employee, as well as the proposed working conditions
    • if you are offered work abroad, be sure to indicate the name of the organization involved in employment, it is also desirable to have a license number and an indication of the place of work
    • advertisements suspected of fraud will be removed
    • Vacancies that contain deliberately false information are not published. Accounts that publish network marketing vacancies under the guise of other specialties may be blocked without warning. Network marketing vacancies must be posted in the appropriate category with the clarification that this is network marketing.
    • The job description posted by an employment agency must include the name of the agency.

Job advertisements of the following nature are not allowed to be published:

  • Dubious job offers, including on the Internet without indicating a physical address and direct contacts of the employer (work for everyone, processing email from home, work without investments, etc.).
  • Job offers in nightclubs abroad; web models; offers of services of swingers clubs; escort services; female translators for marriage agencies; assembling handles at home;
  • Information offering agency activities (bank agent), trade mission or any other activity that requires the recruitment of other members, subagents, subdistributors, offers of earnings on stock markets, trader activities (Forex trading, MMCIS and the like).
  • Information with the offer of franchising.
  • Job vacancies without specifying the company name and professional skills requirements

Prohibited goods

Please review the list of products and services that are not allowed to be published on Advertisements containing information about goods/services from this list are deleted by the moderator without the right to be restored. If an advertisement contains information about goods/services prohibited by law, the user's account may be blocked without prior warning.

It is unacceptable to submit advertisements of a general advertising nature or without a specific offer. Only about specific goods or services.

It is prohibited to place advertisements containing advertising information, as well as advertisements for advertising:

  • Internet resources (portals, social networks, dating sites, etc.)
  • Business (shops, companies) and listing the range of goods, services and prices.
  • For example, “Our store is open from 9 to 20, seven days a week,” or “You will find all this and much more at 55 Abay St.”
  • Sale of goods and provision of services prohibited by current legislation.
  • Goods prohibited for sale and/or withdrawn from civil circulation.
  • The sale of goods and the provision of services for which an official request from the TM copyright holder has been sent to the Administration is prohibited.
  • Any weapon (components and accessories for it).
  • Combat vehicles.
  • Special technical means for removing information from communication channels, other means of secretly obtaining information (microearphones, key fobs-cameras, glasses with a built-in camera, watch-camera, etc.); items related to the activities of law enforcement agencies (radio-electronic and special technical equipment).
  • Shoulder straps and insignia of military and law enforcement agencies.
  • Radar detectors, radar detectors, curtain frames, anti-wiretapping devices, anti-bugs and similar technical devices.
  • Means of active and passive protection (electric stun guns, gas canisters, gas pistols, weapons with rubber bullets, light and noise effects, alarms, rubber batons, handcuffs), special equipment containing tear and irritant drugs, which are classified as special means of active defense used by law enforcement agencies .
  • Customs confiscation.
  • Medicines, other drugs, dietary supplements, steroids, anabolics, Viagra, . It is prohibited to sell veterinary drugs.
  • Human organs, donor services (donate/buy blood/sperm, etc.).
  • Surrogacy services, breast milk.
  • Sex services, prostitution, all services of an intimate nature, erotic massage, dating.
  • Any poisons, toxic substances.
  • Smoke bombs, pyrotechnics sold without a license for the sale of explosives and products (including pyrotechnics).
  • Narcotic, psychotropic substances and their substitutes, as well as plants and ingredients used for their preparation. Hallucinogenic plants, mushrooms and products derived from them.
  • Animals and plants listed in the Red Book.
  • Announcement about the sale of animals raised in nurseries, but included in the International Red Book.
  • Software and goods and services in the field of eSports (game accounts, game patches, etc.).
  • Pirated optical media with illegal copies of films, music, games.
  • Contraband goods and stolen property.
  • Wanted vehicles without documents.
  • State awards (awards to perpetuate the Victory in the Great Patriotic War) - both sale and purchase.
  • Virtual money, tools, programs, devices and their components for earning or generating virtual currencies.
  • Foreign currency and/or other currency values (except for purchase and sale for numismatic purposes).
  • Counterfeit banknotes and counterfeit postage stamps.
  • Shares and other securities owned by third parties.
  • Valid (including expired) or valid government identification cards and documents of any existing countries in the world (passports, ID cards, driving licenses, student cards, grade books, diplomas, travel cards, passes, permits, certificates, licenses and similar), as well as forms of these documents.
  • Production and sale of license plates (standard, personalized, elite, etc.), car mileage retrieval service.
  • Official forms, strict reporting forms.
  • Ready theses, coursework, master's theses.
  • Spammer databases, products and services that may facilitate unauthorized mailing, databases containing personal data.
  • Materials containing state, banking or commercial secrets.
  • Items and materials, the sale of which violates the copyright and/or related rights of third parties, trademark rights or patents.
  • Materials that violate privacy, encroach on the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities.
  • Alcoholic drinks; tobacco products; moonshine stills; products containing ethyl alcohol.
  • Expired food products.
  • Hides and products made from hides, horns, limbs and stuffed animals of rare and endangered species.
  • Information about dubious financial services (for example, “Loan in an hour. Without collateral or guarantors”).
  • Fraud, extortion, request or offer of material assistance and support in any form, including advertisements “I will become a sponsor”, “I am looking for a sponsor”, “I will provide material support”, “I am looking for material support”, “commerce” and the like.
  • Universal keys (for the front door, for various locks).
  • Items depicting Nazi symbols.
  • Walrus tusks, elephant and mammoth tusks are not in the product, as well as precious metals (sale, purchase), non-ferrous metals (sale, purchase) and precious stones (sale, purchase) are not in the product.
  • Offers, goods/items related to occult topics (love spells, conspiracies, fortune telling, Satanism, rituals, witchcraft, witches, magic, psychics, etc.), as well as literature on this topic.
  • Materials that could be used to defame a person or group of people.
  • Calls for a strike, protest, offers to take part in any auctions, lotteries, etc.
  • Profile information or email lists.
  • Program activators, CD keys, registration numbers, offers without original software.
  • Poaching tools and equipment (electric fishing rods, nets, etc.), as well as services for their production.
  • Used underwear and swimwear
  • Messenger accounts (ICQ, Skype, etc.), email addresses, social network accounts.
  • Services of marriage agencies and dating sites.
  • Any offers related to gambling
  • All medical procedures requiring special knowledge and skills should be carried out only in appropriate clinics.
  • Offers from the so-called “Real Estate Information Agency”.
  • Offers to replenish a mobile phone through the transfer of funds and the accrual of bonuses.

An advertisement will also be removed if it does not make sense or contains the following:

  • Any items and services that do not comply with the principles of public order and ethics.
  • Calls for violence, racial hatred, illegal actions.
  • Pornography, including photographs of a pornographic nature.
  • Discrimination based on nationality, race, religion, gender and other characteristics.
  • Offensive words and offensive expressions, including racial and religious beliefs.
  • Description and/or comments regarding any of the methods of fraud and/or extortion.
  • Numerous spelling errors that distort the meaning of the advertisement and are misleading.

The User agrees and confirms that he is responsible for the content of the advertisements posted by him, and also has all the necessary rights, licenses, permissions to post information on the Service, including without limitation all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or has the appropriate written consent, license or permission of all individuals and companies identified in the ad to use their names or images.

For violations by the User of the rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, the rights of third parties to intellectual property), the User is liable in accordance with the law.