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Огнестойкая шахтная конвейерная лента шириной 1000 мм. EP1600/4 Dushanbe
10 000 ₸
Огнестойкая шахтная конвейерная лента шириной 1000 мм. EP1600/4 kat.(ply)-4+2-16 TS EN ISO...
Горно-шахтное оборудование для Вас из Польши Dushanbe 7
2 photos more
10 000 ₸
Приглашаем к сотрудничеству ! Компания CARBOMECH Sp. z o.o.– надежный деловой партнер из Польши...

The advertisement category "Businesses For Sale" provides a platform for business owners, investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in buying an existing business. This category provides the opportunity to exchange information and offers between sellers and buyers.

Key characteristics of this ad category may include:

  • Business Description: Sellers provide a detailed description of the business, including its type of business, current historical performance, customer base, market share and other important aspects.
  • Financial Information: Listings may contain financial statements such as a balance sheet and income statement to help buyers evaluate the financial strength of the business.
  • Infrastructure and Equipment: A description of the physical assets of the business, including buildings, equipment, processes and other critical resources.
  • Personnel: Information about existing personnel, their qualifications and experience, can be an important factor for potential buyers.
  • Regulatory Aspects: Indicates all required permits, licenses and other regulatory issues associated with the business.
  • Terms of sale: A clear description of the conditions and criteria for the sale of a business, such as price, form of payment, terms and conditions of the transaction.
  • Contact information: Possibility to contact the seller for additional information or to arrange a viewing of the business.

Such advertisements provide transparency and an effective method of communication for those looking to purchase an established business in a specific region, in this case.

2 listings about the sale of a ready-made and operating business. On you can sell profitably, buy an existing business inexpensively, and also look at prices for a store, beauty salon, cafe, production in the desired area and negotiate a deal without intermediaries, as well as find a business partner. Choose among realtor advertisements and private offers for the sale of an operating business.