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The ad category “Buy a store, shopping pavilion, kiosk, island in a shopping center” provides potential buyers with the opportunity to purchase commercial properties. This category covers various forms of retail space designed to house shops, kiosks and pavilions in various shopping centers.

Certain elements you can expect in ads in this category:

  • Types of facilities: A variety of retail facilities, such as shops, shopping pavilions, kiosks and islands, designed for the sale of goods or services.
  • Location: Clarification of the location of the property, possibly indicating a specific shopping center or area.
  • Property characteristics: Description of the size, layout, condition and features of the proposed retail space.
  • Price and terms of sale: Indication of price, possible forms of payment, terms of rental or purchase.
  • Contact Information: Information about the seller or reseller, including contact phone number, email address or other means of communication.
  • Additional Services or Features: Some listings may also contain information about additional amenities or services within the mall, such as parking, security, or advertising opportunities.

This category provides a platform for business owners or potential entrepreneurs who are looking for the right retail space, which can be an important step to grow their business in a given region.

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