Bathhouse, hotel for sale

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The ad category "Buy a bathhouse, hotel" covers proposals for the purchase of real estate intended for use in the field of recreation and hospitality. This category can contain advertisements from individuals, real estate agencies or developers offering baths and hotels.

Advertisements usually indicate the following main characteristics of the property:

  • Type of object: Bathhouse, hotel or possibly a combined object intended for recreation and living.
  • Location: Specifies the location of, indicating the area or nearby objects.
  • Property characteristics: Area, number of rooms/rooms, availability of amenities, landscaping features.
  • Property condition: New building, secondary housing or property in need of repair.
  • Price: Clarification of the cost of real estate, possible payment options.
  • Contact information: To contact the seller or real estate agency.

This category of advertisements can attract both potential investors who decide to invest in tourism infrastructure and those who are looking for a property for their own hospitality business. In addition, individuals may also be interested in purchasing a bathhouse or hotel as an investment or for personal use.

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