Agricultural business for sale

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The "Buy Agricultural Business" advertisement category typically includes offers for the sale of agricultural businesses, land plots, farms, agricultural complexes and other related agricultural assets.

Such advertisements may contain information about the following aspects:

  • Business type: Clarification of what type of agricultural activity the business belongs to, for example, crop farming, livestock farming, poultry farming, etc.
  • Enterprise size: Indication of land area, presence of buildings, number of livestock or other resources.
  • Equipment and Infrastructure: Description of agricultural equipment, buildings, warehouses and other infrastructure included in the sale.
  • Financial information: If available, information about the financial condition of the business, income, expenses, profits and debts.
  • Location: Indicating the location of the agricultural business or its surroundings.
  • Contact Information: Information to contact the seller, such as phone, email or address.

This category of advertisements provides an opportunity for potential buyers to familiarize themselves with the offers of agricultural businesses in a particular region, which makes it easier to find a suitable enterprise for purchase.

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