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Срочно продам большой дом в центре Алматы Almaty 3
95 000 000 ₸
Срочно продаем большой трехэтажный дом в центре Алматы , это идеальное месторасположение,...
Отдельный дом, 6 комнат, 380 м², , Стамбул Istanbul 4
470 000 000 ₸

The advertisement category “Buy a 6-bedroom house, cottage or villa” usually includes offers for the sale of real estate. In this category, people can post advertisements for residential properties that provide six rooms and can be in the form of houses, cottages or villas.

Key characteristics of such advertisements may include:

  • Number of Rooms: Properties in this category typically have six rooms, providing ample living space for a medium to large family.
  • Housing type: Ads may offer houses, cottages or villas. Houses can be either single-story or multi-story, depending on the architectural features and requirements of the buyer.
  • Location: Listings indicate the location of the property, which is important to potential buyers considering the proximity to schools, work, shopping centers and other important amenities.
  • Home Features: The description may include information about the size of the plot of land, the total area of the house, the presence of a garage, a swimming pool, a garden and other amenities.
  • Property Condition: Sellers can check the current condition of the home, whether it is a new build, a renovated property, or a home in need of renovation.
  • Price and terms of sale: Advertisements usually contain information about the price of the property and the terms of sale, such as the possibility of bargaining, the availability of a mortgage or other financial options.
  • Contact information: Owners provide their contact information to contact potential buyers or their representatives.
  • Additional Amenities and Features: Some listings may also feature additional features, such as state-of-the-art security technology, a fireplace, views, or proximity to nature reserves.
  • Deal Details: At the end of the ad, additional terms of the deal may be stated, such as move-out dates, readiness to move-in, and the possibility of a pre-sale inspection.
  • Contact information: Owners or real estate agents provide detailed contact information for communication. This may include telephone numbers, email addresses or links to websites for more information.
  • Viewing and Negotiation: The final part of the ad may invite interested buyers to view the property, as well as offer the opportunity to negotiate the price and terms of the transaction.

6 BHK Houses, Cottages or Villas adverts provide potential buyers with detailed information about available property options, helping them make informed choices when searching for and purchasing a home.

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