4-Bedroom Single Family Homes For Sale

Regular listings

The ad category “Buy a 4-bedroom house, cottage or villa” provides potential buyers with the opportunity to purchase spacious housing. This category typically includes a variety of offers from sellers offering properties with four rooms and above.

Ad descriptions may contain information about the following:

  • Location: Find out the location of the house in different areas of. This may include proximity to the city center, availability of parks, transport infrastructure, schools and other social amenities.
  • Property characteristics: Description of the house, cottage or villa, including the number of rooms, total area, layout, availability of bonuses (for example, swimming pool, sauna, garden).
  • Conditions of sale: Information on price, bargaining possibilities, availability for occupancy, forms of payment and other financial details.
  • Photos: Pictures of the interior and exterior of a property so potential buyers can visually evaluate the property.
  • Additional amenities: Specify additional amenities such as a garage, security systems, beautiful views from the windows, etc.
  • Seller contact information: Providing contacts to contact the seller and obtain additional information or clarify details.

This listing category provides potential buyers with the opportunity to choose the right property as per their needs and preferences and also promotes transparency in the property buying process.

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