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Квартира студия, 2 этаж, 53 м² Tashkent 8
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32 079 646 ₸
-Срочно продаётся! 2 комнатная квартира в Новостройке с Евро ремонтом. -Шикарная локация, 1 линия...
Квартира студия, 5 этаж, 60 м² Tashkent 8
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35 619 469 ₸
А.Н Goodland Muhammad (J 840)Продается уютная студийная квартира с двумя комнатами в этом...
Квартира студия, 8 этаж, 30 м² Tashkent 8
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30 530 973 ₸
-Продаётся стильная студия в новостройке "Golden House" в центре города, недалеко от Алайского...
Квартира студия, 2 этаж, 30 м² Tashkent 4
19 026 549 ₸
заходи живи , квартира в отличном состоянии, со всеми удобствами, для холостяка, молодой семьи,...
Квартира студия, 8 этаж, 37 м² Tashkent 8
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34 292 035 ₸
(J 757)Площадь: Общая площадь студии составляет 37 квадратных метров, предоставляя уютное и...
Квартира студия, 4 этаж, 66 м² Tashkent 8
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36 946 903 ₸
Клубный дом "La Terrace" расположен в тихом, уютном и зеленом районе, где Вас не будет беспокоить...
Квартира студия, 3 этаж, 100 м² Tashkent 3
57 522 124 ₸
Новостройка Юнусобод - 4 квартал ориентир Америка посольства 3 хона студия. 3 етаж ремонтга таёр...
Квартира студия, 9 этаж, 35 м² Tashkent 8
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34 513 274 ₸
A.H Goodland Muhammad (J 898)Tel 95 137 11 55-Идеальное предложение для тех, кто ищет комфорт...
Квартира студия, 9 этаж, 44 м² Tashkent 8
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27 654 867 ₸
A.H Goodland Muhammad Tel 95 137 11 55 ( J 894)"Продается уютная студия в жилом комплексе Silk...
Квартира студия, 2 этаж, 49.2 м² Tashkent 8
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39 823 009 ₸
Продается квартира новостройки г.Tашкенте Общей площадью 49.24 квмЭтажность дома 10 на...

The ad category “Buy a studio apartment” is a real estate section aimed at potential buyers interested in purchasing small but functional residential premises.

The main characteristics that are often included in such advertisements are:

  • Property type: In this case, studio apartment. These are usually small one-room apartments, where there is no strict division into separate rooms, such as the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Instead, the space is organized in such a way as to make maximum use of it efficiently.
  • Location: Indicates the city and, perhaps more specifically, the area where the apartment is located.
  • Area and layout: Clarification of the total area of the apartment and its layout, especially if there are any characteristic features typical of studios.
  • Apartment condition: Description of the current condition of the apartment, possibly mentioning repairs or some special characteristics.
  • Infrastructure: Indicates the availability of nearby infrastructure such as public transport, shops, schools and other amenities.
  • Price and terms of sale: Clarification of the price of a studio apartment and possible terms of the transaction, such as bargaining or financial aspects (for example, the possibility of installments).
  • Contact information: To communicate with potential buyers, contact information of the seller or intermediary must be indicated.

Ads in this category are often aimed at young people, students, and single residents who value functionality and efficient use of space in their homes.

10 listings about the sale of studio apartments. On you can inexpensively buy a studio apartment in a secondary or new building, choosing offers without intermediaries. Advertisements from owners, developers and verified agencies with photos, footage, information about the house. Resale and new buildings: search for apartments on the map, by price, area, area and other parameters.