5 Bedroom Apartments for Sale

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5-комнатная квартира, 230 м², Мальтепе Istanbul 8
3 photos more
437 519 588 ₸
6-комнатная квартира, 335 м², Чангу Denpasar 8
3 photos more
544 812 039 ₸
5-комнатная квартира, 168 м², 15/15 этаж, Дубай Dubai 5
340 900 946 ₸
5-комнатная квартира, 193 м², Абу-Даби Abu Dhabi 8
3 photos more
329 065 849 ₸
Abu Dhabi
5-комнатная квартира, 200 м², Абу-Даби Abu Dhabi 8
3 photos more
226 888 993 ₸
Abu Dhabi
5-комнатная квартира, 336 м², 55/65 этаж, Дубай Dubai 5
4 344 108 964 ₸

The advertisement category "Buy a 5-room apartment" usually represents information about the sale of real estate. 5-room apartments are ideal for families who value space and comfort. This type of housing is great for families with children, where each family member needs their own space, as well as for those who value the opportunity to create additional functional areas such as an office, library or playroom. It is also a great choice for those who prefer spacious living rooms, ideal for gathering with friends and family. In addition, 5-room apartments are suitable for investors who see the potential to create comfortable housing for rent or resale in the future. These listings are for apartments with five rooms, which may include bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. An important part of the advertisement is a description of the main characteristics of the apartment, as well as information about its location.

The seller usually provides the following information:

  • Apartment area: The total area of the apartment, as well as the area of each room, is indicated.
  • Location: Describes the area or specific location of the apartment. Close distances to transport hubs, shops, schools, parks and other important infrastructure may be indicated.
  • Condition of the apartment: Describes the main characteristics of the housing, such as repairs, the presence of furniture, appliances and other improvements.
  • Infrastructure and Amenities: The advert may highlight the apartment's proximity to various amenities such as shopping malls, medical facilities, educational institutions, etc.
  • Price: The selling price of the apartment is indicated. Perhaps also an indication of the availability of bargaining.
  • Contact information: The seller provides his contact information to communicate with potential buyers.

Buyers are usually interested in details about the apartment, its condition, infrastructure and terms of the transaction. Photographs and floor plans may also accompany the listing to provide a more complete picture of the property being offered.

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