4 Bedroom Apartments for Sale

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4-комнатная квартира, 80 м², Тедже Mercin 8
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35 800 000 ₸
4-комнатная квартира, 209 м², Шарджа Sharjah 8
3 photos more
319 247 696 ₸
4-комнатная квартира, 155 м², Абу-Даби Abu Dhabi 8
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335 260 101 ₸
Abu Dhabi
4-комнатная квартира, 99 м², Абу-Даби Abu Dhabi 6
1 photo more
140 625 706 ₸
Abu Dhabi
4-комнатная квартира, 187 м², Мальтепе Istanbul 8
3 photos more
286 777 545 ₸

The ad category “Buy a 4-bedroom apartment” is a real estate section where users post information about their desire to purchase a four-room apartment.

4-bedroom apartments are ideal for families who value space and comfort. This housing format is perfect for families with children, where each family member is given their own room, as well as for those who value the opportunity to organize separate work or creative spaces in the house.

In addition, 4-bedroom apartments may be of interest to investors looking for housing with rental potential, as they are often in demand among those who prefer spacious and comfortable accommodation in the city. This type of ad typically contains the following information:

  • Number of rooms: In this case, it is indicated that the property must have four rooms. This can be an important criterion for potential buyers who are looking for spacious housing for a large family or other needs.
  • Geographic location: The ad includes a location reference. This is important for potential buyers who are looking for a home in a specific area or city.
  • Characteristics of the apartment: The text of the ad may contain clarifications about the area of the apartment, floor, presence of a balcony, condition of the house, availability of parking and other characteristics that may influence the buyer’s decision.
  • Price: Usually, the price of the apartment is indicated in the advertisement. This is one of the key factors that determines the affordability of housing for potential buyers.
  • Contact information: Often the listing will include contact information for the seller or broker so that interested parties can get in touch for more information or to arrange a viewing of the property.
  • Additional conditions and requirements: Perhaps the seller also clarifies some features of the transaction, for example, the possibility of bargaining, availability of documents, readiness for urgent sale, etc.

This category of advertisements provides information to buyers about 4 BHK apartments available in the market and serves as a means of communication between property sellers and buyers.

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