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+992 100011629 ХОНА РЕМОНТ ДОРА бе магазин 4 бо магазин 6 этаж мешава ХОНАИ 1-ХУЧРАГАРА 2-...
САДБАРГ назди чордома Dushanbe 6
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21 312 830 ₸
ХОНА РЕМОНТ ДОРА боз 30 000 сомонии дигар расход кардем ХОНАИ 1-ХУЧРАГАРА 2- ХУЧРАГА КАДА...
2-х комнатная квартира, Аланья/Каргыджак с видом на море Alanya 8
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48 431 734 ₸
Квартира расположена в уютном доме на 11 квартир. Из окон вид на горы, с балкона вид на море и...
Продам квартиру Гагарина 68 Pavlodar 8
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15 800 000 ₸
Продам квартиру теплую с хорошим ремонтом иметься свой подвал более подробно обращаться по номеру...
Продам Istanbul 8
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Срочно продам квартиру 2+1 от собственника в г. Стамбуле, район Эюпсултан. Дом сдан в...
Продам квартиру Istanbul 8
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111 166 008 ₸
Продам квартиру 2+1 в г. Стамбуле, район Эюпсултан. Квартира в новостройке, дом сдан в...
Продам 2-х комнатную квартиру в бывшем приватизированном общежитии подъездного типп Almaty 8
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31 500 000 ₸
Квартира теплая, комнаты изолированные,санузел раздельный в квартире, кухня отдельная,...
2-комнатная квартира, 58 м², 2/2 этаж, Чангу Denpasar 4
64 942 178 ₸
2-комнатная квартира, 65 м², 5/15 этаж, Томюк 2 Mercin
40 000 000 ₸

The advertisement category "Buy a 2-bedroom apartment" represents advertisements for the sale of two-room residential premises.

Two-bedroom apartments are ideal for a variety of buyers. They are suitable for young families, providing comfortable housing with plenty of room to grow. They are also attractive to investors looking for properties with good rental yield potential due to the popularity of such apartments among students and young professionals.

This category is widely used on various real estate platforms where sellers provide information about the availability of their properties for sale.

Key characteristics of such advertisements may include:

  • Apartment description: Sellers provide a detailed description of the apartment, including total area, number of rooms, floor, layout and other important parameters.
  • Photos: To attract the attention of potential buyers, high-quality photographs of the interior and exterior of the apartment are posted.
  • Price: The cost of the apartment is indicated, often indicating the form of payment and the possibility of bargaining.
  • Location: Information about the area in which the apartment is located, indicating proximity to transport routes, schools, shops and other infrastructure facilities.
  • Contact information: The seller provides his contact information to communicate with potential buyers.
  • Additional conditions: The advertisement may indicate additional conditions of sale, such as the availability of furniture, repairs, technical specifications, etc.
  • Documents and legal purity: An important part of the advertisement is to indicate the availability of the necessary documents and the legal purity of the transaction.

This category of advertisements provides potential buyers with the opportunity to explore various options for two-bedroom apartments and choose the most suitable option based on their preferences and budget.

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