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Гараж, Бишкек, ТЭЦ, Лермонтова/Чуй Bishkek 2
25 664 ₸
Сдаю гараж. Район ТЭЦ ( Лермонтова-Чуй ГСК "Дизелист" ).
Гараж, Бишкек, Золотой квадрат, Боконбаева 120/Раззакова Bishkek 4
44 248 ₸
Сдаю парковочное место, рассмотрю продажу

The advertisement category "Garages and parking spaces for rent" allows users to post information about the rental of garage boxes and parking spaces in the city. This category is aimed at those who are looking for a place to store their car or bicycle, as well as those who need to rent a parking space.

Typical ads in this category may contain the following information:

  • Location: Clarification of the location of the garage or parking lot, for example, area of the city, proximity to certain objects or highways.
  • Size and amenities: Indication of the size of the garage or parking space, the presence of additional amenities (electricity, utility room, etc.).
  • Rental price and conditions: Clarification of rental cost per month or other time frames, payment terms, deposit, as well as possible discounts.
  • Contact information: Providing contact information to contact the landlord, such as telephone, email or other means of communication.
  • Additional information: Description of the features of the object, rules of use, accessibility and other important details.

Users can post advertisements both for garage owners offering their properties for rent, and for those looking for a suitable place to park their vehicle. This category of advertisements facilitates the process of searching and providing rental properties for car enthusiasts.

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