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Real estate for sale in Dubai Marina

The advertisement category "Real Estate Sales in Dubai Marina" represents a variety of advertisements related to the sale of real estate in Dubai Marina. This category covers a wide range of real estate, including apartments, houses, land, commercial real estate and other types of real estate. Here are some key aspects of this ad category:

  • Apartments: In this category you will find advertisements for the sale of apartments of various sizes, number of rooms, number of floors and area. Apartments can be either in new buildings or in secondary housing.
  • Houses and cottages: Here are advertisements for the sale of houses and cottages in Dubai Marina. These can be both country houses and dachas located in the suburbs or on the outskirts of the city.
  • Land Plots: People looking for land plots to build their own home or commercial property can find a variety of land plots for sale in various areas of in Dubai Marina.
  • Real estate agencies and private sellers: In this category you will find advertisements from real estate agencies as well as private sellers, allowing you to choose from a variety of offers.
  • Variety of Prices and Features: in Dubai Marina There is a variety of properties available in the market and prices may vary depending on the area, condition of the property, its size and other features.
  • Areas and Location: Buyers can choose properties in different areas of the city depending on their preferences and needs, considering the proximity to educational institutions, medical centers and other important facilities.

in Dubai Marina property listings provide potential buyers and investors with the opportunity to choose the most suitable properties according to their needs, budget and desires.

Advertisements for the sale and purchase of real estate in Dubai Marina. On you can profitably buy an apartment, room, house and land for construction. Property prices in Dubai Marina. Choose offers without intermediaries from owners or realtors. Search on the map, by area, price, area and other characteristics.

Posting ads on A simple and effective way to sell real estate in Dubai Marina

The website is one of the popular online portals specializing in real estate and advertisements about it. Posting real estate listings on can be a great way to get the attention of potential buyers. Here's how it usually happens:

  • Registration: Before posting an ad on, the seller will be required to register an account on this website. Registration may require you to provide contact information and create an account.
  • Creating an ad: After registration, the seller can create an ad by providing detailed information about the property. This includes the item's description, features, photographs, price and seller's contact details.
  • Selecting Category and Location: There are different categories of properties on such as apartments, houses, land and commercial properties. The seller must select the appropriate category and indicate the location of the property, for example in Dubai Marina.
  • Publishing an ad: After entering all the necessary data and checking the ad on, the seller can publish it on the site. The ad becomes available to all users and search engines.
  • Updating and Managing the Listing: The seller may also need to regularly update the information in the listing to reflect the current status of the property sale. It can also monitor messages and inquiries from potential buyers through the platform. provides convenient and wide access to real estate information, making it a popular choice for both sellers and buyers, and can be a great tool for listing in Dubai Marina properties for sale.

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