Sale and rental of commercial real estate in Downtown Dubai

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Commercial real estate in Downtown Dubai

The advertisement category "Sale and rental of commercial real estate in Downtown Dubai" provides information on opportunities for purchasing or leasing commercial properties in Downtown Dubai. This category of advertisements can present various types of commercial real estate, such as offices, retail premises, warehouses, restaurants, hotels and other objects intended for business activities.

Ads in this category usually contain information about the following aspects:

  • Property types: A variety of commercial real estate available for sale or lease, such as office buildings, retail space, industrial premises and others.
  • Location: Indicates the location of the in Downtown Dubai property, which may include specific areas, proximity to highways, or other key location characteristics.
  • Property characteristics: Description of basic parameters, such as total area, number of rooms or floors, parking availability and other amenities.
  • Prices and conditions: Information on prices for sale or rent, as well as possible terms of the transaction, such as deposits, rental periods, etc.
  • Contact information: Ways to contact the seller or landlord for additional information or clarification of details.

This category provides entrepreneurs, investors and business representatives with the opportunity to find suitable properties for their in Downtown Dubai activities and make informed decisions regarding the purchase or lease of commercial real estate.

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