Sale of hotel premises

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Sale of hotel premises

The advertisement category "Buy premises for a hotel" covers offers for the sale of real estate intended for creating a hotel business. This category may include a variety of premises suitable for hotel accommodation, such as manufactured hotels, commercial buildings, premises for renovation or new construction.

Key characteristics of such advertisements may include:

  • Location: Information about the location of the premises in specific areas, proximity to transport hubs, airports, tourist centers and other key facilities.
  • Room area: Indication of the total area of the room, number of floors, rooms and other parameters related to the size of the object.
  • Premises Condition: A description of the current condition of the premises, whether it is ready for use or in need of renovation.
  • Infrastructure: Mention of nearby infrastructure such as restaurants, shops, transportation and other amenities that may be attractive to guests.
  • Price and terms of sale: Clarification of the cost of the premises, terms of the transaction, the possibility of bargaining and other financial aspects.
  • Permitting documentation: Availability of necessary permits, licenses and documents to use the premises as a hotel.
  • Additional Features: A description of special features that may make the property attractive to the hotel industry, such as meeting rooms, restaurants, parking, etc.

This ad category is intended for entrepreneurs, investors or companies interested in developing the hotel sector.

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