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Car service rental

The ad category “Car service and car wash for rent” provides information on available real estate properties intended for business in the automotive sector. These advertisements usually contain information about car repair shops and car washes for rent.

  • Facility Description: Advertisements may contain a detailed description of the available premises, including total square footage, number of work areas, availability of lifting devices, car wash equipment and other characteristics that may be important to entrepreneurs in the automotive industry.
  • Amenities and Features: Information about amenities such as availability of office space, parking spaces, security systems, and car wash facilities can be key to potential tenants.
  • Location: An important factor is the location of the object. The location description may include proximity to major roads, transport hubs, accessibility and visibility from the road.
  • Rental prices and conditions: Advertisements must contain information about the rental price, rental conditions, as well as possible additional costs (for example, utilities, taxes, etc.).
  • Contact information: To contact the landlord, contact information must be provided, such as telephone, email or other means of communication.
  • Photos and virtual tours: Visuals, such as photos of the property or virtual tours, can help tenants get a better idea of the property and make a more informed decision.

This classified ad category provides a platform for automotive business owners as well as entrepreneurs looking for suitable properties to start or expand their automotive business.

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