1-bedroom apartments for daily rent Almaty

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The ad category "Daily rental of 1-bedroom apartments Almaty" is a real estate segment focused on short-term rental of 1-bedroom apartments Almaty. This category is addressed to both local residents and tourists who are temporarily in the city and are looking for convenient and comfortable accommodation for a short period.

Such advertisements usually contain the following information:

  • Description of the apartment: Area, number of rooms, location in the building, availability of furniture and household appliances, interior features.
  • Amenities: Information about the availability of a kitchen, bathroom, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV and other amenities that may be important to residents.
  • Rental price and terms: Rental cost per day or per period of stay, payment terms included in the price of the service.
  • Location: Indication of an area or a specific part of the city, proximity to transport routes, attractions, shops and other infrastructure.
  • Contact information: Phone number or personal messages to contact the apartment owner or rental agency.

This listing category allows renters to quickly find suitable short term accommodation in their desired area of the city, making it popular among both locals and tourists visiting Almaty.

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